Online Practice Exams

SWES Online Practice Exams help prepare you for the exam by replicating the testing environment.


The SWES Online Practice Exams provide computer-based practice for Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical level students. By reproducing the test environment with two timed practice exams, drawn randomly from a test bank of approximately 700 questions, students gain practice with a computerized timed test. The question bank is drawn from a sample of questions from the SWES Comprehensive Study Guide with additional questions not found in the Guide.

  • Every user’s test is unique, created from a random selection of questions from the question bank.
  • Purchase includes:

- 90-day subscription with unique log-in and reports

- 2 timed 170-question Practice Exams.

- Three attempts per test during the 90 day subscription period. (Extensions are possible).

- Once you pass, the test will be marked completed but you may still access a report of your score and the questions, answers and explanations

Student score is calculated automatically after completion of the test. Student can view their answer choices compared to correct answers, plus SWES’ unique explanations and rationales.

NOTE ON SCORING: The SWES score approximates the ASWB scoring. On the ASWB test, there are 170 questions, of which 20 questions are pre-test questions which do not count towards the score. However, in our practice exam, the passing rate is set at 70%, the same pass percentage point as the ASWB exam, taking into account all 170 questions. Please note: this exam does not weight the score in the same way that the ASWB does. For more information on how the ASWB scores its test, click here.

System Requirements: Available through all web browsers with an internet connection.

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