Who We Are

Since 1983, Social Work Examination Services has been the leader in providing home study programs and on-site review courses specifically designed to prepare social workers for license examinations throughout the United States. We are the trusted university partner in schools of social work across the country.

SWES Home Study Program and Lecture Review courses are designed by teams of academic and practice consultants. The most recent edition provides new content and questions for all clinical areas and an innovative new section on multicultural practice. With over 1600 questions and Five Practice Exam, plus several hundred pages of content outlines and new exam study information, SWES programs offer a reasonably priced, student-friendly method for preparing for all state license and certification exams. We consistently offer the lowest priced, professionally prepared license review programs available.

SWES review books help students respond to questions that appear in all state license exams administered by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB).

SWES is the only publisher of Social Work license exam prep materials that bases content on student feedback about the exams. We contact exam candidates who have recently taken the exam to continually reassess our review books. Frequent updates insure that the questions and outline materials reflect current examination requirements.

SWES is also the only organization providing review books to offer courses featuring a distinguished panel of nationally known university faculty. SWES review books are used by many universities and agencies to train their employees for license exams.


Why Use Our Programs?

Why rely on SWES Study Programs?

Here are some reasons.

SWES review programs are available for all levels of state social work license examinations. The exam levels have various names depending on the state, though the examinations are identical in all states. The generic examination titles used by the Association of Social Work Boards are; Bachelors Examination, Masters Examination, Advanced Generalist Examination and Clinical Examination. Please remember that the states regulate licensing and they use different titles to describe the same license levels. Not all levels are licensed in all states.

Social Work Examination Services offers high quality Home Study Courses designed to help candidates prepare for social work license examinations.
SWES workbooks contain more than 1600 sample multiple choice questions . The reason for the correct answer to each question is carefully explained The program provides almost 950 questions divided topically in nine sections, four complete practice exams with 600 additional questions, a mini-exam with 80 questions, as well as hundreds of pages of comprehensive study notes covering every area tested on all levels of ASWB licensing examinations. SWES newest edition reflects current exam questions, and provides complete outlines of the revised NASW Code of Ethics, and new welfare reform legislation. A new section is included in the current edition that outlines theory and practice issues in work with multicultural individuals and groups, and skills in working with diverse populations. The clinical sections have been completely revised and new information has been added.


Social workers who use our materials pass licensing examinations. In fact, our students pass in high numbers (92%), and with high scores (average 84). Exam scores exceeding 90 are not uncommon.

SWES faculty regularly update the contents of review books - revisions are made regularly as new material is introduced into licensing examinations.

SWES also offers frequent intensive two-day lecture courses at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work in West Hartford, and in Massachusetts at Springfield College School of Social Work.

Many schools of social work use SWES review books to conduct their own programs based on our instructional model. Courses for the community and for graduating students are scheduled at SUNY Buffalo SSW, the University of Michigan SSW, and the University of Maryland SSW. Several campuses of the University of Texas also provide courses based on SWES materials. In addition, SWES contracts with Unions and social agencies to provide courses to prepare social workers for license exams. SWES receives input from students who have taken the examinations - and from faculty. Their help allows staff to constantly review and update programs. Moreover, many of SWES distinguished faculty serve as editorial reviewers to insure that the courses - and home study materials remain timely and accurate.