Online Practice Exams

Clinical, Masters, and Bachelor Levels

SWES Online Practice Exams provider reproduce the test environment with a computer-based practice for Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical level license candidates.

Two Practice Exams

The 90-Day Subscription includes two four-hour timed timed exams drawn from a question bank of almost 700 practice questions. Users can attempt each exam THREE times, for a total of four-hour exam experiences.

Instant Score

Instant percentage and detailed score report provided. Every user’s test is unique, created from a random selection of questions from the question bank.

Question Bank

Practice exams are randomly drawn from a question bank which represents a sample of questions from the SWES Comprehensive Study Guide with additional questions not found in the Guide

Answers and Rationales

All questions include a detailed explanation, and users can review their test comparing their answer with the correct answer .

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