Comments from students who have used SWES’ Comprehensive Study Guides or taken SWES’  License Review Lectures in New York, New Jersey, and New England.

A selection of student comments from recent programs.

Well, I must say that the 2 day lecture course helped a lot but it was the review books and practice tests that I couldn't have done without. They helped me get into that test taking frame of mind and not be so nervous when I was actually sitting there taking the test. I was happy to pass the first time and I will definitely call on you in 3 years when the LCSW test comes up. Thanks SWES --- Score: 79Scott Kramer, NYC

I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING your books and class are. I took the class in the beginning of 2007, studied from the books and when I got to the test on February 18th I couldn't believe it! The exam questions were almost verbatim of what I read and studied in the SWES prep books. I passed my LMSW exam in NYC with an 83% on the first try! I was so relieved because I had heard that a lot of my peers had been failing. Thank you so much for these wonderful study materials. I will certainly come back to you again when it is time for me to study for the LCSW exam. Marissa L. Sappho, L.M.S.W.- Psychiatric Social Worker, New York, NY

I just took the exam for my LMSW licensure today and was elated to get a 92. I absolutely attribute my success on the exam to SWES (my first practices with Autotest, before I took the seminar and used the study materials, were failures). I was SO nervous, but by doing exactly what the instructors said, I reinforced my knowledge and gained the skills and strategies to work through my nervousness and remained focused. It is so important to put in the recommended study time, and to thoroughly review one's practice test results...this enables one to gain a firm grasp of the style and focus expected by the ASWB.
It also helped a great deal that the instructors (Leslie Bass, Deborah Cantor, and Steven Antler) were interesting, warm, funny, and engaging...it was obvious that they put tremendous dedication into their work and really care that participants are well-prepared for their exams. Each one really went the extra mile and delivered top-quality instruction. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've heard students quibble with the cost of the test preparation seminars and materials. However, how many tens of thousands of dollars did we put into our educations? Isn't it worth paying a bit more for the top-quality instruction that will enable us to scale this final hurdle? I have already recommended SWES to peers, and I am very grateful for the excellent experience I had with them. Again, many, many thanks!
Mary Burkart, Ellenville, NY

I took the SWES course before I really studied for the exam. I took the course during a bad snow storm in NYC. The training was wonderful. When I left the training I felt like I was ready to take AND PASS the exam. I read the entire review book and answered the corresponding questions. I took every test in the book and studied for a minimum of 1 1/2 hrs a night. I also used the computerized autotest, it was wonderful. I am recommending this course to all of my coworkers. It was just fabulous; there was even a question from my review material on my test. It was definitely worth every penny and more. I know its been a year since I took and passed the exam but I had to look up the information for a coworker and wanted to share my wonderful experience.
Donnell Phillips, Baltimore, MD

I recently took the licensing exam in Maine for my LMSW and I passed finally! After a few tries I kept on persevering and did it! I found the seminar through SWES to be very supportive and helpful. To be with others who are in the same boat as you are is very comforting. The instructors were outstanding and the textbooks and software were very worthwhile. It really helps to do the questions over and over again, as the content of the multiple choice format becomes clearer. Good luck to everyone.
Lisa Ouellette, Maine

I just wanted to take a minute to say I passed my LCSW exam on May 5th. I must say i was a bit skeptical prior to signing up for your 2 day course. After seeing my results I am now a believer. I don't think it would have been possible without taking the prep class. I felt a bit nervous during the exam but utilized some of the techniques that were taught during the course. Again, probably the most difficult exam i will ever take is now behind me with a passing score. Thanks so much. I have promoted the course and will continue to do so. Thanks again.
Kim Quick, New Jersey


I took my exam on Sept. 20th and passed! Take a prep review and use the SWES Review books. The sections along with their questions are by far the best for preparation for the exam. I took my prep at Michigan State University through the Department of Continuing Education and then studied on my own. If you can afford getting the CD get that too as it simulates the actual exam. Thanks so much SWES!
Lana Amawi, Michigan, LICSW

I took your wonderful and comprehensive prep courselast year directly before the LCSW (Masters Level) exam in Massachusetts and was verypleased with the results. Not only did I performwell, but the course gave me the confidence to plowthrough all the tension associated with test-taking. Ihad no problem concentrating during that time.November will be my prep course return engagementbefore the LICSW (clinical level) exam. Thanks again,Caryn P. Berman, Marblehead, MA

I just passed my clinical level exam, and what arelief it was. I promised myself if I passed I'd saythanks to the instructors and writers of the guidebooks, so I am. I only signed up for the course afterreading the student responses. I truly believe if itwas not for the study course and materials from SWES,I WOULD NOT have passed on the first try. If you haveany doubt that you will pass, even the tiniestpercentage, sign up for the course and study guides!OR, if you are confident that you have the knowledgebase but you have ANY test anxiety, and I had quite abit of that, take this course. I say that, because Ibelieve even with the highest level anxiety, if youstudy their guides cover to cover as I did, it'salmost impossible to fail. If you are concerned aboutthe cost, which I was b/c as a social worker, an extra300 dollars even sounds like a lot, get over it! It ismoney so well spent, you will not regret it. Thanksagain SWES. (I also want to note that it iscomprehensive enough that you don't need to reviewtextbooks, etc. That was another thing I really likedabout it. Lugging two books to the library is so mucheasier than ten!)Dana, Stamford, CT

Although I used the SWES home study materials (which are great) I took the exam and failed with a 74. I knew I needed extra help so I registered for your Aug 5 - 6, 2006 weekend course at St. John's University in New York City. This refresher course was a tremendous help to me (I haven't been in school for a while). The instructors were able to break down the material and provide examples which made everything a lot easier to remember. I took my exam today and I passed!!! I can't thank you enough SWES!! A.M.L.R., New York City

I just want to thank you for helping me prepare for my LICSW exam which I passed this past weekend! I took your weekend prep course in June and felt like the information we reviewed, along with my 3 months of studying afterwards, enabled me to pass the exam.I can't thank you enough! Rebecca Tamasanis, Andover, MA

I just passed my LCSW exam and wanted to notify you that the course I took in October was a great help. It taught me a lot.
Christine, Hartford, CT

PASSED on the first try !!!! This was a difficult exam and preparation needs to focus NOT ONLY on content, but test-taking skills, which your course and materials nailed. I recommend taking the SWES as protocol BEFORE sitting for the exam. I'm glad I did ! F.E.C., New Brunswick, NJ

Hi--I promised to let you know how I did on the Masters level social workexam. I took it last week and scored 83. I was so relieved!!I did find thebooks and the two-day weekend review course to be very helpful!!! I would like to add that I did all thepractice tests several times each, and they helped me to develop theanalytic and ctitical thinking skills to better handle tricky questions andbecome comfortable with the multiple choice format.They also helped me findand strengthen my weaker areas.Also, I appreciated the lecturers at the weekend course very much, and theexpertise, advice and guidance they brought to the sessions. I liked theirhandouts, which summarized and highlighted important points to review andstudy. Aside from the required format, Dr. Roger Sherwood a professor from Hunter School of Social Work, presentedsome test- taking strategies, and relaxation techniques, which were asimportant as the review material.
Sincerely, Barbara Napolitano, Commack, NY

Thank you very much for helping me pass my licensing exam. I took your course at Rutgers University in May; I took my test in August and did very well (I passed on the first try!). The information you provided during your two day seminar was relevant and the test taking techniques were very helpful. I am now in the process of applying for my license through my state boards and could not be happier. Thanks again!With appreciation,
Yasbeth M., Glen Ridge, NJ

I took the review course in January in New York City and took the exam in late February. I said in my evaluation form that the course was terrific. Somehow the lecturers made it interesting and stimulating despite the long days. I also said that the final proof was in how well I did on the exam. Well, I took the exam in New Jersey in late February and passed with a higher score thanI expected. My MSW was obtained in Canada and I was really worried but the course and the wonderful Review Books and the Autotest Program helped enormously. I don't think I could have made it without them. The Review Books were right on target. The contents weretotally relevant to the exam. Thanks for the good work and the telephone support.
Sam A. Paterson, NJ