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Your Trusted source for Social work licensure exam Preparation

With a 35-year track record of high-quality, university-vetted materials, high student pass rates, and a proven test-taking methodology, SWES will help you pass the ASWB social work licensing exam.

You can trust SWES to be your exam prep partner.

Your company’s study guides are absolutely incredible - worth every penny. I am a very avid reader and have taken a number of standardized tests. I have worked with companies purchasing study guides and yours have by far exceeded all of my requirements and expectations... Thank you again...

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Exam Prep Materials

With over three decades of experience singularly focusing on the social work exam, SWES materials are the trusted resource for licensure prep at universities across the country. With comprehensive study notes covering every area tested on all levels of ASWB licensing exams, you can trust that all the content you need to study is in our books.

Our Faculty

Our curriculum, content and practice questions were written and developed by social work instructors and clinicians with decades of experience in social work practice. SWES faculty regularly update the contents of our materials as new material is introduced into licensing examinations

In-Person Courses

Our in-person one and two-day courses are available for all levels of state social work license examinations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York..

University Partnerships

Over three decades, dozens of schools of social work have used SWES’ review books to conduct their own programs based on our instructional model. Courses for the community and for graduating students are scheduled at SUNY Buffalo SSW, SUNY Binghamton, University of Alabama, University of Maryland SSW. Several campuses of the University of Texas also provide courses based on SWES materials. In addition, SWES contracts with Unions and social agencies to provide courses to prepare social workers for license exams.

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92% of students who use our materials PASS the exam. You can trust that our materials will help prepare you for the ASWB social work licensing exam. Our students pass with high average scores (average 84) and exam scores exceeding 90 are not uncommon.​
There are 1600 questions in our Comprehensive Study Guide. Our library of multiple-choice practice questions includes detailed explanations for each correct answer. With four full practice exams, and additional questions divided topically in nine sections, you will have ample opportunity build your question-answering skills!
Since our founding in 1983, thousands of social workers have used SWES to pass the ASWB social work license exam.

Exam Prep for all Levels of the ASWB Social Work Licensure Exam

Bachelor Level

Exam preparation at the Bachelor level, designed to respond to the ASWB social work license exams in all states.

Masters Level

Exam preparation at the Masters level, designed to respond to the ASWB social work license exams in all states.

Clinical Level

Exam preparation at the Clinical level, designed to respond to the ASWB social work license exams in all states.

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Our Services

University Partnerships

Learn more about how your university can work with SWES and help your students pass the licensure exam.

Comprehensive Study Guides

Study guides at every level of ASWB licensure

Exam Prep Courses

One and Two Day Courses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire

Online Practice Exams

Prepare to pass the licensure exam with computer-based practice tests with instant reports

Study With SWES

With a 35-year track record of quality materials, high pass rates, and a proven test-taking methodology, Social Work Examination Services has been the leader in providing home study programs and on-site exam-prep courses specifically designed to prepare social workers for the ASWB license exams offered throughout the United States. We are the trusted university partner in schools of social work across the country, and we are the official exam prep provider for a number of NASW chapters nationwide.

SWES’ Comprehensive Study Guides and License Exam Prep courses are designed by teams of academic and practice consultants. SWES has focused solely on the social work license exam for 35 years.

We believe that the best test preparation is through experience with practice questions, and content review. These strategies reduce anxiety and increase confidence, essential ingredients for successfully navigating the exam. Social workers who use our materials pass licensure examinations. In fact, our students pass in high numbers with high scores. Exam scores exceeding 90 are not uncommon.

Our cornerstone Comprehensive Study Guide includes 1600 practice questions and explanations, including four full practice exams, plus several hundred pages of content outlines and strategies for test-taking success. SWES resources and programs offer more practice questions than any prep program, and a reasonably priced, student-friendly method for preparing for all state license and certification exams.

SWES review books help students prepare for the kind of questions that appear in all state license exams administered by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB). 

Let us help you pass the exam and maximize your score!