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SWES Study Guides for Social Work License Exams

SWES's three-volume Masters/Clinical/Advanced Generalist Level Comprehensive Study Guides and one-volume BSW Level Comprehensive Study Guide are designed to respond to Social Work License Exams prepared by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) that are used in all states.

As the exams change, SWES faculty updates and revises the program. SWES' frequent two-day programs in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, as well as ongoing relationships with trainers and faculties of university schools of social work using our materials and methods, provide SWES faculty with detailed information about how students experience the exams. Frequent contacts with social workers who have taken the exams provides a unique platform for developing, updating and revising the Comprehensive Study Guides and maintaining their timeliness and relevance.

SWES Comprehensive Study Guides provide a comprehensive review of Group Practice, Individual Clinical Practice, Medications, Ethical issues, Multi cultural Practice, Human Behavior, DSM5, Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Research, Social Policy, Administration and Supervision. More than 1600 practice questions, as well as Four Practice Exams (and a mini practice exam) survey the range of issues likely to appear on license exams. SWES continues to revise and expand the one-volume Bachelors level study guide as that exam changes.

SWES continues its 34-year tradition of providing high quality exam review programs with detailed content review, and extensive exam preparation tools. 

Order online or call 800-933-8802. SWES accepts all major credit cards.

Post Masters Program (Masters, Advanced Generalist, Clinical)

  • 1600 sample questions - all questions are answered with detailed explanations.
  • Includes Four Practice Examinations and a mini Exam.
  • 12 Separate Content Areas with Questions.
  • Complete up-to-date Bibliographies

Bachelors Level Program

  • 1000 sample questions
  • Three Complete Practice Examinations
  • 8 Separate Content Areas with Questions
  • Complete up-to-date Bibliographies

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